TMN Suites

Consider the advantages of using a comprehensive portfolio of field-proven OSI network management and development products that vastly reduce programming complexity, run on multi-vendor / multi-platform environments, and espouse standards-based interfaces, wherever possible. Consider our TMN Manager Suite , the TMN Agent Suite and a variety of access product management solutions.

TMN Toolkits

NE Technologies is the premier provider of TMN Toolkits that assist you in the development of functional network management systems. Whether your need is to work with ASN.1 structures and definitions (in C, C++ and soon Java too) or you need a GDMO compiler, visit our TMN Toolkits section to see how we can help.

Marben TM Products

NE Technologies is the exclusive provider of the Marben OSIAM Products and IMS Solutions in North America and Asia. The OSIAM (OSI Access Method) is a high performance flexible implementation of protocol entities fully conformant with layers 7 through 3 of the OSI model. The IP Multimedia Subsystem's (IMS) Diameter stack is an AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) protocol on which applications can be built by extending the base protocol.